Not just a talent agency.


We build business empires for influencers.

What we do.

A whole new meaning to "full service."

In short... we do (almost) everything for you.

You make the content.

We'll do the rest.

Invite only.

We're a boutique agency, forming deep partnerships with our portfolio of creator brands.

We're very selective about who we invest our resources and expertise into. 

If you're committed to the long haul, we will get you outrageous results. Guaranteed.

Outrageous Results.

We take growth hacking to the next level.

0-15K Organic Followers In 1 Month

We engineer hyper growth. Our most recent client in the modeling space launched from 0-15k followers in one month - pretty common results.

0-260k Organic Followers In 1 Year

We took a client in the dating space from 0-260k followers on X in her first year using our proprietary content strategy.

Choose your adventure.

You can help steer the ship, or you can kick back and let us do all the work. You decide.

Three options. One price.

The best part.

We don't cost you a dime until we're already paying for ourselves.

Our compensation is based on what we earn for you. If we don't earn, we don't get paid.

It's a partnership and we make sure everyone involved thrives.

No risk for you. No money down.

When we say we invest in our talent... we mean it.

About us.

Meet the people shaking up the industry.

Elizabeth Clay

Chief executive officer

Shea McVaugh

Chief marketing officer

Shea's built and scaled influencer brands for over a decade. He's had the opportunity to work with heavyweight names like Neil Strauss, Patrick Bet-David, and Grant Cardone.

He's an expert at rapid social media growth and advanced monetization strategies to make you more money after your audience is established.


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